Sustainable Clothing Havu Design

About us

Ecological and nature friendly Havu Design is a Finnish company founded by 4 friends in 2017. At first, they only wanted to create more sustainable clothes for themselves and their friends – with love for nature and human.

Havu Design is a clothing and accessories manufacturer who wants to promote the transparency of the clothing industry. Havu products are of high quality and good looking, as their users. Havu does things right and with care. No fast fashion, child labour or any other bullsh*t! Havu doesn’t produce ten clothing lines in a year, maybe not even one.

Manufacturing of Havu Design products

Havu Design products are manufactured in Finland and elsewhere in the world if needed – always without exploiting people or the environment. In Havu Design, we strive to use environmentally friendly materials, prefer domestic material suppliers and utilize cutting waste or give a new life to an old product. If you have any further questions about our production, please reach out to us.

Havu Design does not mass-produce loads of stuff – the production is kept moderate to prevent the consumption from getting out of hands. Our products are brought to life by handcraft, which means every product is unique, just like all of us humans. In Havu, we have nature in the heart – people in mind.

Make choices you are aware of, ask and demand better. Choose well, choose Havu

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